Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Sleet or Snow

It's Tuesday night.  The twins are being crazy in their room and won't go to bed.  They are just so excited for their birthday.  It's sad they can't have a party.  We will find a fun way to celebrate.  Back to last Monday.  There was no school or work.  It had snowed overnight but turned into sleet which lasted most of the day.  Our plow guy came in the morning. 
What's up there Eli?
We did some science experiments.  
Then the boys found a box and packing materials to play with.  Why not?

I baked some chicken wings for lunch.  
I don't know how Ariel eats Lunchables.  
What are they doing?

I taught them to play Battleship.  They did pretty well.  
It was still sleeting.  

For dinner, I made some apricot chicken.  It came out good.  
The snow started back up.  It snowed most of the night.  
It's getting high!
Let's measure!  
Time to eat!
After dinner, Eli wanted to go out in the snow.  I opened the garage.  Remember, this has been plowed that morning.  
Our handsome guy.  
Snow angel!
Amy went out after him.  
Eli heard Aden was coming out so he got a snowball ready.  
The two had quite a fight.  
Poor Amy got stuck in the middle.  
Ariel put the boys to bed.  We have trained her well!


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