Thursday, February 4, 2021

Two Oranges

It's Thursday night.  I am really dragging today.  I can't wait to go to bed.  All 4 kids were in school today! Yay us!  I have to admit as much as I love that the kids are in school, it's hard to get up at 7 with Aden.  Especially when I have to make 4 lunches.  This was last Thursday.  
Amy starts Aden's lunch the night before.  She always puts 2 oranges in.  
And then Aden takes them out.  Every time.  
Tennis that night.  Where was everyone?  
Quiet night with Ariel and her baby.  
Peek a boo.
Friday Honey and Eva came to visit.  
Get Ariel Honey!
Good girl.
I thought it felt cold out.  
The twins are always antagonizing Aden.  I'm not sure why as Aden ends up hurting them.  
Ariel slept over Melissa's and sent this pic that night.  
Good night Ariel.  Have a great weekend everyone.  


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