Thursday, February 11, 2021

Eli and Noah are 6!

It's Thursday night.  Tomorrow is Noah and Eli's 6th birthday!  Wow.  How did that happen?  They still drive us a bit crazy but they really are becoming incredible young boys.  You would think we would remember from having two older kids but we are still amazed at everything they are able to do now.  They are reading and doing math.  They know about the world around them. We are just sitting back and enjoying it!

Back to last Wednesday.  I think they were dancing here.  
Ariel joined in.  
Noah still wins at most games.  Playing War here.  
Wexler Family Tree that Aden made.
We had snow days Mon, Tues and Weds.   The kids were virtual 2 of the days and the third the teachers just posted assignments.  But all 3 days, there was no mail!  I thought they were supposed to come no matter what.  Thursday was the first time we saw the mailman all week.  
Tennis time for Aden.  
Bouncing around that night.  

A little homework before bed.  

Great tower Eli!
Friday Eli sang for us again.  
He made a ramp.  
Ariel and Amy went to the neighbors house to do a school project.  This would have been in person but it was done on Zoom.  
They made trays.  
Great job girls!

Jon had to fix Amy's.  She painted the wrong side.
We got a pinata for the twins birthday.  Eli would not put it down.  
He flew it around.  

That night we found the no dog signs that Eli posted!  Have a great weekend!


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