Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Lucy's Trip

It's Wednesday night.  The week is moving quickly.  All 4 kids should be in school tomorrow and for the rest of the year! Although Ariel is off Wednesdays for now but close enough.  Speaking of Ariel, she left this note outside our door.  

Here's a quick shot of Lucy the Elephant driving down the street in the late 1960s. They moved her a few blocks away.  
Last Wednesday night Honey came for a visit.  
So of course Eli barricaded himself in the playroom.  
He did come out to eat.
Noah loves homework.  
We got takeout from a good Korean place.  
Bye Gwen!
Bouncing time.  
I really have to thank the friends that gave us the bounce house.  It really gets a lot of use.  


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