Monday, March 8, 2021

Aden the Baker

It's Monday night.  These pics are from last Sunday.  I'm having some technical difficulties so I'm just putting the 2 videos first.  Rachel is trying to work in TikTok to cheer practice.  

Ariel is getting stronger every week!
Even graceful sometimes!
Here they are making the TikToks.

I told Eli that we were going to make hamantaschen.  So he drew one!
Aden's synagogue youth group actually had a virtual baking class.  Aden did most of the work.  I supervised.  

Knead the dough.  
Mostly cherry.  A few chocolate chip.  
The other kids came to help.  

Ready to bake!
They came out great!
We went over to Melissa's to celebrate Mark's birthday.  

Cake time!
Hey, it's me!
Aden is nicer to Gwen then he is the twins.  
The girls worked on a lego.  

So sweet!  Best friends.  


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