Thursday, March 11, 2021

Peace in the House

It's Thursday night.  It was such a beautiful warm day.  Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty nice.  The neighbors have been talking about hanging outside Friday night.  It's been so many months since we have done that.  We also have some new neighbors to add to the mix.  Back to last Thursday.  Aden had tennis after school.  
The teacher wants him to run laps afterwards.  He barely does it.  
Bathroom is coming along.  
Uh, what are you doing Eli?
That's better.  Do some school work.  
Friday there was a bad accident near our house.  This is a horrible intersection.  
Eli piled up blankets and jumped off the wall!
Of course Noah had to join him.
Amy's parents came for dinner.  
Dr. Ariel in the house. 

Wow, Aden actually looked at the camera and smiled!
The shower doors are up!
Relaxing to some tv.  

This is one of my favorite pics.  Peace in the house.  Have a great weekend!


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