Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Asian Meatballs

It's Tuesday night.  After 3 weeks and 2 days, Ariel has a brand new beautiful bathroom!  They tore apart the boy's bathroom right after so here we go again!  It got to 70 degrees today!  A taste of Spring.  Of course Winter is still around us.  This was last Monday walking Ariel to school.  What a mess.  
Then I took the boys to school and saw the chickens.  
This is our backyard at the shore.  I had my handyman go there and take some measurements.  We may have a surprise coming.  
Ariel's bathroom was coming along.  

We made Asian meatballs this week.  I got an Asian barbecue sauce from NYC that I wanted to try.  
Ready to fry!
Looks like a fun new toy.  
The meatballs came out yummy.  So yummy in fact, that Amy ate them for the next two days!
Boys and their towers.  

I'm sure she was crying right after this picture.
Nothing like Chutes and Ladders before bed.  


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