Sunday, March 28, 2021

Drive By Birthday

It's a stormy Sunday night.  We made a mistake today.  We thought it might be fun to try a trampoline park to get the kids out.  We hadn't been to one in over a year.  It was way too crowded and many people were not wearing masks.  We did not feel comfortable there.  All was not lost.  We had a very nice family dinner for Passover Saturday.  Back to last Saturday.  

Alex had slept over.  I made the girls chocolate chip pancakes, which they immediately folded in half and filled with more chocolate chips!
Rachel came over for cheer.  I don't think she planned on having such a big group!  Everyone did their stretches.  
Then they lined up to do their cart wheels!

We got rid of the little ones so Ariel could get serious.  

Eli was walking around with a big bag of change.  He's so strange sometimes!
We did some stunts upstairs.  
Then we headed to swim.  
There was a swim meet going on so it was very busy there.  

Jump Noah!
Ariel's turn in the big pool.  
Then she jumped in the warm pool to heat up.  
Nice day.  
The boys had a drive by birthday party.  Not sure why they had a drive by.  The kids are together everyday.  At first we stayed in the car.

The boys were not happy about that as there were other classmates running around.  
Yes, that's Eli driving the car.  
The boys went out to play.  
Happy Birthday Charlee!
Charlee's grandmother was Aden's first teacher at Breezy Point.  That's her on the right.  She also taught Amy's cousins Alex and Justin!

That night we had dinner with 10 neighbors at Villa Barrola in Jamison.  We had a great time.  Too much food!


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