Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Mandatory Use the Mask

It's Wednesday night.  Supposed to pour tomorrow.  It was drizzly today but it's been dry for weeks.  My hands are cracking!  Back to last Tuesday.  It was time to demo the boy's bathroom.  I took some pics so we could remember.  None of the fish will make it so I took really good pictures of them and maybe we will print them out and make some kind of art for the walls.  

What's up Eli?
Eli watched them bring parts of his bathroom out.  
This was later in the day.  

Ariel's bathroom is finished!  It looks amazing!
Building forts.  
Peek a boo.
Eli checked out Ariel's new shower.

Wednesday after work, I went to the gym.  
When I got home, Eva and Gwen and Alex were over.  
So many fidgets.  
Hey Honey.  
Aden had his first flag football practice!  Apparently this coach is super serious.  I think Aden will like that.  
Homework time.

I picked up dinner at Dominicks in Richboro.  This sign was on the door.  It gives me a headache everytime I try and read it.  


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