Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Where are the Lucky Charms?

It's Tuesday night and I am in sugar overload.  I had cake samples from Carlos Bakery.  I'm testing them out for my birthday cake!  We had a tie.  Anyone want to come over and be the deciding vote?  Back to last Monday.

Amy bought Lucky Charms in anticipation of St. Patrick's Day.  The twins wanted to use them in their leprechaun trap.  But there were almost none left once Aden and Ariel found them!

The spot has been prepared for the concrete pad that will hold the hot tub.  
They moved the bushes to the side.  
It's hard to see but there is a ditch from the front of the house to the back which will hold the power cable.  
Working on their leprechaun traps.  
  Floor is tiled!

Tuesday morning, I walked Ariel to school.  Sometimes the neighbor kids run ahead so I have to go with her.  
Someone loves their new bathroom accessories.  
Still can't get used to her straight teeth.  
I went shopping that night to get stuff for the St. Patrick's Day celebrations.  
The shower is tiled!
I noticed this at the shore house.  Someone's lights shine right on the spot where the hot tub will be.  I will have to ask them to move them.  
Cuddles before bed.  


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