Sunday, March 21, 2021

Dori's S'mores

It's Sunday night.  The weekends are starting to get crazy busy again.  That means more pictures for you but I am just so tired.  It's hard to complain though, Spring started yesterday and it was in the 60's and sunny today.  Back to last Saturday.  

I took the twins for an early, overdue haircut.  
Noah jumped right in the chair.  

Eli usually gives us a hard time.  He was ok.  Very quiet.  Just took it like a man.  

Cheer time.  

Thankfully the boys kept busy and left Ariel alone.  
Give me an A!

Then we had swim.  Eli had a rough day.  He went under and freaked out and wouldn't swim anymore.  
Ariel did her laps.

Then Ariel had Dori's birthday party.  This was the first birthday party any of our kid went to in a year!  That's so crazy to think about.  It was outdoors at her house and everyone wore masks.  
They painted turtles.  
Then made s'mores. 

Even I got one!
The girls watched Ariel watching TikToks.  
That was fun.  
Can you guess why Eli is on the table?  
Honey was over!
Don't know why he's so scared of her.  She just wants to play.  

I love Uncle Mark!
We had steaks and a roasted onion and garlic sauce.  
She always wants to play!

Eli found all the bullets my mom got him.  


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