Thursday, March 4, 2021

Six Year Checkup

It's Thursday night again.  Last time I have to post this week.  I so look forward to Friday and Saturday nights without having to worry about this!  We don't have any weekend plans.  Should be quiet.  

Last Friday, the kids discovered the Titanic that Aden put together.  
Look at that face!  He's always up to no good.  
Playing in the snow on the way out.  
Six year checkup!  
They both did well.  Noah was actually excited to go.  Eli wasn't excited but he didn't cry or put up a fight.  
They are both healthy but so little!  Under 10% for height and weight.  
Ariel's teacher sent this.  She did a presentation on Kamala Harris.  
They laid out the accent tile for Ariel's shower.  
Anyone with little ones should get a chuckle from this!
Later in the day, they started the accent tile.  
Shabbat time.  We lit the candles and and sang the prayers.  
I caught Aden on film!  And he was doing something sweet!
She looks like me in my glasses!  Have a great weekend!


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