Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Moon Over Breezy Point

It's Wednesday night.  Time to take out the trash.  It was warm today but there is still a lot of snow around our house.  I'm so done with the snow already.  These pics are from last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  

Tuesday morning, Eli waited patiently for the contractors.  

Still so much snow!
That night we did homework.  
Then Noah built this Lego fire house all by himself.  
Our little deer getting ready for bed.  
This was Wednesday morning.  The guys come at 8 to work on Ariel's bathroom.  I wake her up just before then and she moves into my bed.  
Isn't life great Eli?
That was a nice day.
I went to get the boys after school and the moon was already out.  
Cool box guys!
Reading time.  
Thursday morning the guys came to work.  
Legos after school.  
Legos get physical around our house.  
Good job guys.  
Speaking of getting physical, once in a while the twins stupidly attack Aden!  Aden doesn't know how to hold back and someone ends up crying.  They keep coming back for more though!


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