Sunday, March 7, 2021

Water Park

It's Sunday night.  It's been cold but it's supposed to be in the 60's most of the upcoming week.  Yay.  We had another quiet weekend.  No sitter.  Nowhere really to go.  Last Saturday wasn't so quiet.  Todd and Steve decided to take the kids to Sahara Sams Water Park in New Jersey.  I asked the kids if they wanted to go.  Eli had a bathing suit on in about 30 seconds.  
Of course Aden didn't come but Ariel and the twins did.  It was about an hour drive.  When we go there it was very quiet.  
Here we go!
So Mr. Big Shot Eli, who was so excited to go, totally chickened out and wouldn't do anything.  He didn't even get wet until we were about to leave.  It was a bummer because I had to stay with him while Ariel and Noah went on all the slides.  
Go Noah!

Even little Logan went on everything.  
Go Ariel!
Oh, I forgot, Eli did go in the pool a little.  

Eli wouldn't even do the lazy river.  
This was cool.  
There goes Noah again.  
The place started to fill up.  
It was expensive.  Like $45 a person.  
I need a tan!
Eli was finally wet but no less miserable.  

Waiting for the big bucket to dump on them.  
We hit the arcade on the way out.  

That night we had Madi and Emma sit.  Amy and I got out for dinner.  


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