Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Smoker is Back!

It's Tuesday night.  I think the leprechaun might make an appearance tonight.  Ariel and the boys left out a trap for him!

Back to last Sunday.  After cheer, I brought out the smoker for the first time in 2 months.  There was finally enough snow off the deck.  I had chicken going for a few hours.  
While the chicken was cooking, I made pigs in blankets with the molds my mom got us.  
Here's the smoked chicken with the roasted carrots and smashed potatoes.  
Bill and Lori came for dinner.  It's been forever.  Last time we ate together it was at their pool over the summer.  
I don't know why the boys did this in the middle of the kitchen while we were trying to cook and eat.  
The younger kids were all over the place.  
The older kids played video games.  

Dessert time!  I made banana foster again.  Yum.
Bill played a little guitar with me.  
We don't need cell phones!

Eli scratched Noah's back before bed.  
On Monday, Eli had an interesting way to eat apple slices.  Just a bite of the middle.  
So close!
Right guys?


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