Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Is That a Hot Tub?

It's Wednesday night.  I went to bed at 11 last night, very early for me,  and I was still dragging all day.  It was a warm beautiful day though.  I can get used to that.  That means I have to start getting back into bathing suit shape!  They went full steam ahead on the boy's bathroom today.  The tub is already in.  Hopefully, this will be faster than the almost 4 weeks for Ariel's bathroom.  
This was last Tuesday.  Good morning boys.  They are usually up by like 6:30.  Eli is almost alway up before Noah and then wakes Noah up.  This morning, this picture was taken past 7.  Eli was just waking up and Noah was still asleep.  On the way to school, Noah told me he's starting to really enjoy sleep! Like mother like son!
I went on a secret mission...
To buy a hot tub!
This is what I'm placing in that corner of our yard in Margate.  We are so excited!
That floor went in that day.  
Dr. Suess day at school.  
And yummy Chinese food.  
She always wants Chinese and only eats ribs and rice.  

On Wednesday, my handyman went back to measure.  The tub will go around there.  
This bathtub is now gone!  Good thing too, it had a crack in it.  And I don't mean the 2 cracks Eli and Noah are sitting on!


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