Sunday, May 29, 2022

Art Show and Swimming

What a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend!  Last Saturday, we heard that our old principal was going to be the new Superintendent of the Council Rock School District.  We know him well and like him.  It's nice to have an inside connection!
I was awesome at Wordle that day!
Fionna helped the boys get ready then we went to the Council Rock Art Show.  

The twins made these elephants.  

Here is some of the other art as photographed by the kids.  

Fionna's parents met us then they left her with us.  
It was super hot.  Approaching 100 so we went to Amy's parent's pool.  
It was clean but really cold.  
Fionna didn't seem to mind.  
Eli was like no way.  
Nice dive Fionna.  

The kids took these with my underwater camera.  

Harper came over later.  
They played out back with Honey.  

Amy and I went to dinner for Todd's birthday at Odette's in New Hope.  
The place was beautiful but the food was only fair.  
We returned to chaos.  
Lanie and her friend Vika sat.  


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