Thursday, May 12, 2022

Gummy Worms in the Bottle

They started painting our house today!  It was crazy trying to move all the pictures and furniture.  Just freshening things up.  Going from brown to a white with a touch of blue in it.  Will make the house brighter.  

Last Thursday, I ran to the shore to work on the house.  Of course I had a burger from the Dairy Bar.  
Then checked out the chilly, empty beach.  
Soon.  Very soon.  
My scooter was at the shop getting an overhaul.  I picked it up.  
The drive home was pretty.  
I went to get the kids at school.  
Then Dani came for cheer.  It was so nice outside that we took the tumble track out.  

Back to driveway art.  
Eli gave rides on the Cyberquad.  
Amy and I went out to dinner with Jaime and Abby to celebrate Jaime's and my birthdays.  
Eli waited up for cake.  
On Friday, Fionna called Ariel and told her she wanted a playdate.  Ariel got a bit excited.  
Eli got his scarecrow ready for Fionna.  
She's here!  They played with dolls.  
Then they did Tik Toks.  

Then of course a trip to the supermarket.  
They really bought some crazy stuff.  
They put sour gummy worms in baby bottles, then poured in Sprite.  

I think I will pass.  Have a great weekend!


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