Monday, May 9, 2022

Juliet's Big Day

Last Sunday, Aden had an early football game.  It's really hard with the rest of the kids having Hebrew school at the same time.
The coach was away and the substitute coach did not play Aden a lot.  
We then went to Juliet's first communion party.  She was happy to see Ariel.  
De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies!  Yum!
Ariel was thrilled that camp buddy Emily was there too.  
We had a great time socializing.  Dave spoke beautifully about Juliet.  

There's the proud mama.  
Look at these pretty girls!
Us with Dave and Julia.  
Thanks for letting us celebrate with you Juliet.  Of course Ariel went back to their house.  
The twins were at Luke's 7th birthday at the NAC.  
It was a very large soccer party.
The twins did really well.  

Amy's parents stopped by to hang out.  
I had to go get Ariel at Juliet's.
Eli still working on that Star of the Week poster.  


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