Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The Tree of Life

It's Wednesday night.  The twins did really well at baseball tonight.  It was finally pretty warm today too.  Last Tuesday, we walked to school.  
This was pickup with all the neighbors after school.  It's fun we are all together.  
Down the path we go.  
We had piano and guitar.  
Then a baseball game.  
Ready Noah?  

What's the lineup? 
Noah and Anthony deep in conversation.  

It's fun when the dogs come.  

Action shot.  
Eli is always with Mickey these days.  Even when he sleeps.  
Last Wednesday, it was back to the driveway.  
They had done the Magic Kingdom and Epcot so now Eli wanted to do Animal Kingdom.  

The Tree of Life!
Aden wrestled with the boys that night.  

I don't think anyone cried so I all that a success!
Love that smile!
Aden even played ball with them.  What's come over him?
Eli, always the performer.  


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