Wednesday, May 25, 2022

She FInally Got the Back Handspring

Here's a huge post for Thursday.  Last Tuesday, I woke up with a dog and Eli on my head.  
Oh yeah, Mickey too.  
Back to painting.  

Melissa sent this pic.  
Just like ours a couple of months ago!

It was Election Day so no school.  
Ariel had Bellamy and Harper over.  

Eli took the girls for rides.

Honey found the shade.
Baseball time.  

The boys played great!
Ariel and Harper got Chinese.

Harper went home with her dad.

Then I took Ariel to cheer.  

It was the last time Ariel will have a private with Serina until August.  
Wednesday morning, Honey woke up Ariel.  
While at school, Honey followed Amy around.
And took naps in Ariel's bed.  
After school, the twins checked out all the extra room we have in our family room.  
It's so nice they finally became friends.  
That night, Amy, Aden, Ariel and I went into Philly to see a play.  The kids had not been in the City in a long time and were a little nervous walking around.  I loved it.  

We went to see Hairspray!

It was very cute.  
Very similar to the movie.  
We got back and the boys were still up.  
Thursday after school, the kids walked home.  
Rachel came and we finally had a breakthrough.  

She got her back handspring and on a hard matt too.  

Rachel even made a routine for her.

Aden got a haircut.  
The Ariel.  She wanted 6 inches off!

So pretty!

She even got some braids.  

We went up to the school to play.  

Eli walked Honey home.  
Some snuggles before bed.
Ariel shortened her hair.  Dani got extensions for prom!


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