Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Eli Star of the Week

It's Tuesday night. The kids were off today for election day.  Of course Ariel had to have 2 camp friends over.  Last Monday was the first day Eli was Star of the Week.  This was his poster.  I sent in a bunch of pictures for him to talk about.  
A Hello Fresh meal.
Rachel came for cheer.  She's back for the summer.  
Great flexibility Ariel!

She's getting stronger.

The neighbors were outside playing.  
The Cyberquad was a hit.  
Good driving Jake.
Last Tuesday, Eli and Mickey were ready for school.  
The latest driveway creation.  A tribute to their Going Buggy show, which is coming up in a few weeks.  
A carnival appeared near our house.  I should take the kids.  
Last Wednesday, Amy started packing Ariel for camp.  What a mess!

Baseball time!

The giant dog was back!
The twins played well.  

He likes me!

Good game boys!


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