Thursday, May 5, 2022

Snipers Out

Am I close?
Last Thursday, we did some homework after school.  
Then Ariel had a private.  
She got her report card.  She worked with Coach Serina to cross some more skills of the list.  
One after the other.  

She officially finished Level 1.  (that last one no one can do so they don't count it) She really has the back handspring but she needs to be more consistent so it can be crossed off.  I love how they always talk about her facial expressions during competitions.  
Last Friday night, Ariel had her final practice as a Sniper, then they had a party.  

The girls ate soooooo many sweets.  

Serina thanked everyone for the great season.  It was her first as a head coach and it went well.  
Snipers out.  Have a great weekend!


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