Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Goodbye Brown

It's Wednesday night.  Amy and I and the older two went into the City tonight to see Hairspray on stage.  We haven't been in the City in so long.  Such a cute play.  Last Thursday, the painters came early.  We were not prepared.  We ran around taking the pictures down and moving furniture.  We just wanted to freshen up the house a little bit.  I have never liked the brown color.  It was time to go!
Say goodbye brown!

These people worked fast.  
Eli is going to be a bee for the Goin' Buggy show.

Ariel had a private at Airborne.  I just barely caught a picture of Ariel being thrown in the air.  

Still working on back handsprings.  

I met everyone else at Dairy Queen.  
Eli and Noah got haircuts.  
Dani did a self portrait.  Wow!  


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