Thursday, February 7, 2013

Aden's Box of Love

It's Thursday night and I think the germs finally found me.  The kids are pretty good but Amy is still sick and now I have a runny nose and sore throat.  At least we will be snowed in and I can just stay in bed all weekend!

What can I say about this besides awwww.
 Cruising around with her pocketbook.

 I think it's upside down Ariel.
 Aden always starts the day with a conversation with Jake.
Amy took these while shopping.  Ariel had fun.
Yes, we are in trouble.
 Aden's class made boxes to hold their Valentines.  The boxes are supposed to reflect their personalities.

 Aden's was superheroes and Transformers, of course.
Ariel helped with the hearts.
 The finished product.
 Let's just say, it was a bit controversial.
 Enjoying a treat.

 It's hard to tell but they both have lollipops.
 Ta Da!
She walked around with Aden's jacket.  She looked like ET.
 Working on Aunt Melissa's computer.
 Sorry, I have to take this call.
 I think she may have a dog food problem.

 Ariel hadn't seen Burghy in a while.

 Group hug!
The kids working on their homework.

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