Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Goodnight Moon

It's a cold Wednesday night.  We are just catching up on tv while chasing ants.  Anyone else having an ant problem?  I will do another post soon with our Harlem Shake video, stay tuned!

Here are some random pictures.  
Aden used to to watch me play, now he takes over.  Anyone see the debut of the Playstation 4 tonight?  Looks pretty crazy.
 Bananas all around!

 Lunch with Chad, Lindsay and Jaxson.  As you can see Jaxson is a good boy, our kids don't sit still anymore.
 They started the pool at the shore house.  These pilings go underneath the pool.  It's cool watching them push them 20-30 feet into the ground.

 Go Thomas Go.

 Doing some cooking.

 She has to feed herself everything, including yogurt.  You can only imagine the messes.
 Uh Ariel, don't you know boys are in charge of the remote?
 She needs to throw every possible toy in the tub.

Back to all the baby books!  Just when Aden was getting into chapter books and I thought we were done with them.

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