Sunday, February 10, 2013

Attack of the Peacocks

It's late Sunday night.  I'm super tired, we had a very busy day, but we are watching the Grammy's.  Much more entertaining than the Oscars.

Friday morning Ariel was trying on Amy's bracelets.  
 We saw these on the way to school.  Aden said look at the peacocks!  I didn't bother correcting him.  Close enough.
Friday night was stayed in waiting for the snowstorm to come.  We made paper airplanes.
 The snow came overnight.  It was much less than anticipated in our area but as you can see, it got pretty crazy near Boston!
 We awoke to about 4 or 5 inches.  I was looking forward to playing with the kids outside but we never did.  It was just too windy and cold.  
 Since we were stuck inside, we got some stuff done around the house.  First, we built the kitchen that Sandy and Elliot bought for Ariel.
 These things are not fun to put together.
It was worth it though, Ariel loves it.
Aden worked on his Valentines cards.
 He has a bunch of sweeties.
 Tickle time.

We baked some sugar cookies.  A weird mix of Halloween and Star Wars.  Such a mess but they are tasty.  
 That night Greg, Jackie and Jacob came for dinner.  The boys were matching!
 We played in the basement.
 Watch out Ariel, he has a gun!
 Jackie's birthday is this week, so we got her a cake.
 The boys had to blow out the candles.
Their were lots of video games played.  Both on the Wii and PS3.
 She sometimes just sits and watches.  Usually thought she never stops running around.
 Ok, enough video games.
There were about 10 shots, in none where everyone was looking.  

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