Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I'm trying my best not to watch the State of the Union but Amy keeps putting it on so I have to blog fast so I can go upstairs!

Sunday afternoon we went to Adam and Kasia's house to celebrate Adam's birthday.  All the kids wanted to play with Ariel.
 And she wanted to play with them.

Aden with the only boys.  They were greatly outnumbered.  One day they will appreciate that!
 Getting some piano lessons.

Aden and Zach making a move.
 Watch out Aden!
 What did we do growing up without iPads?  The girls made a music video while we there and it was pretty good!
 Who needs to play outside?
 My high school buddies.  We haven't aged at all!  It's so rare that we are all together so this was really nice.
 Uncle Adam and Ariel.

 Ariel will be one of those girls soon enough.
 Adam and his twin David.

 Kasia's sister.
 We went home and my family came for dinner.  Ariel had trouble picking up my grandmother's pocketbook.
 Fly that plane!

 This is what Aden feels about my grandmother!


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