Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!

It's Monday night and everyone is pretty much back to normal.  Aden did skip swim as we didn't think he was ready but starting tomorrow, we are doing everything!  I did get up early this morning and signed Aden up for the gym and swim classes we wanted for the next session.  Aden was excited to go back to school today.  His buddy Reid gave him a big hug and told Aden he missed him!

Saturday night, we had Lindsay's surprise 30th birthday party at Kenny's!  
Chad told her he wanted to stop off for a drink before dinner and there we were!  She was surprised!  
Beautiful girls!
We had a great time meeting her family and friends.
We even danced!
It's great when you have a sitter that has everything under control even when the kids are sick and you can really enjoy yourself.
Sunday morning we had Jackson's 2nd birthday party at Giuseppe's in Warminster, where Ariel had her party.  Aden was still a little out of it even though Rylee and Reese were there.
Ariel loved playing with all the older kids.
Everyone says she looks like Amy.  I think she's all me!
Mr. George entertained the kids.

Ariel danced to the music.

Taking a break to eat cupcakes.

Aden finally perked up.

The always popular parachute.
Even Ariel grabbed it.

Adam, Ellen and the birthday boy.
Rose and the twins.  It was nice to see her and Randy.  It has been a while.

Adam made the cake.  It was yummy.

Ariel just plopped down on Rylee's lap.
Hey Jackson, thanks for inviting me, I had fun!

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