Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bowling in the Dark

It's Sunday night and there is a cold wind blowing out there.  That wasn't metaphorical.  The house is shaking!  It's coming right through the fireplace, which is why in some pictures you may see blankets piled in front.  It's ghetto but it works.  Aden is off tomorrow so Amy will have a busy day.  

Back to Friday.  It was a nice day.  Amy went to the park with Ariel, Ali and Sam.  

 The cute couple.
 Friday night, we had dinner at Melissa's.  Ariel fed the dog.
 This is almost like the old Coppertone ad.

Saturday morning we made some cupcakes.

 Then it was time for Lola's birthday party at Brunswick bowling.  Aden had 2 parties this weekend and both were in the dark so I really wasn't able to good pictures.  I really don't understand these dark parties.  Most of Aden's class was there.

There go the lights.  Everything glowed and dance music was blasting.  They had these ramps to help the kids bowl.

 It's hard not to do well with ramps and bumpers.
Hey Will!
 Pizza with buddies.

 Cool shot.
 The boys were grooving.
 Me and my girl.
 Ready for her turn.
 Cupcake time.
 Doing some line dancing.

 Aden found his ball.

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