Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nothing Beats Great Barbeque

Wow it's rainy and windy.  I'm surprised the kids are sleeping so well.

Here's the rest of Mark's party.  Robyn and Lee are moving to Dubai!  That's so cool.  We will have to visit.
 The food was from Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse in North Philly.  
 It was awesome!  We had the leftovers Sunday.
 Save me from Uncle Steve!
 Cake time!
They made a deal that Aden would help blow out the candles.
 Ping Pong time.
 Aden was a machine!
 Melissa and Jarryd recently got engaged.

 Melissa threw a great party!

 Ariel had lots of fun.
 So did Aden!
 Uncle Steve wrestled with the kids.

 PJ time.
 Awww.  Sweet.  
 Time for bed.

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