Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Jeff

I was in a Harlem Shake video tonight!  More on that later.

Sunday, we had the families over to celebrate Jeff's birthday.  Ariel wanted to look pretty.  First she brushed her hair.
 Then it was time for powder.

 Aunt Lindsay would be proud.
 Here they come!  Great grandmom time!
 Aden helped open presents.

 Ariel wanted some grandpop time.

 Cake time!  It was a Mardi Gras cake!

 Blow out the candles.
 Ariel waited patiently for her piece.
 Cute pic.
 She can really pack in those blueberries.  She's like a squirrel.  Keeps them all in her cheek.
 Figuring out Legos.
 Winding down for the night.

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