Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!!!  We all had fun.  Aden had a party at school, Ariel bonded with grandmom and Amy and I had an adventure in the City.

The kids wanted to send a message to Maura at school.
 I think she might need Lindsay's help with makeup.

 Yes, she has a sword.
Playing next door.

 The boys were fighting with swords and Ariel just walked in between them.
 Trying on her new bracelets.
 Every bracelet.
 Ran out of room on the arms so why not the legs?!
One of those days that Aden refused to leave school.
Aunt Bev got Ariel some new pocketbooks.
 On Valentine's Day, Amy and I had a yummy lunch at the Capital Grill in Philly.  We love that place.
Then I surprised Amy with s chocolate tour!  Luckily it was a nice day.
There were 17 in the group.  We walked around the city and got a lesson on chocolate and got to taste many yummy things.  First were hot chocolate chip cookies at Famous 4th Street.

 Then chocolate covered pretzels.

Through the Reading Terminal Market.
 Chocolate covered scrapple.

 Then chocolate covered bacon!

 It was good!

Some artisan chocolates being made.

 Lastly, we had 5 different kinds of chocolate gelato.
 Fun day!
 Saw this on the way back to the car.
 Aden started his new swim class but we decided to pull him out and go back to private lessons.  
 Aden had a blast at his party.  He made these for Amy and I.
 He had a box full of Valentines and candy.

 Someone had too much sugar before bed.

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