Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dragon Pajamas

It's way too late Sunday night and we are still watching the Academy Awards.  Aden had some night terrors a little while ago and he's now asleep on the sofa next to Amy.  It's been more frequently lately and we have no idea why.  The show has been mildly entertaining.  I haven't seen any of the movies so I really have no one to root for.  

Back to Friday.  It was Pajama Day to cap off 2 weeks of the letter P.  Aden was so excited to wear his pjs.  Jake was looking dapper in his robe.

 The girls brought their blankees.

 Of course Aden had his Pillow Pet and Stompeez.  You would know what these were if you watched Nickleodeon or the Cartoon Network as much as we do.  
 My handsome boy!
 Friday night we went to Beth Am for Purim festivities.
 Aden was very excited to dress up.  What a fun day for him.  PJs all day and Spiderman all night.
 Ariel enjoyed her hot dog and french fries.
 Sam and Ariel ran all over the sanctuary.

Sam is wearing Aden's astronaut costume when he was about 15 months old!
 Ariel and Sam were bonding.  Yes, there are 2 Sam's.

 Finally it was time for a wacky service.  They had a wheel with all the prayers on it and would do them in the order they came up.
 Aden was fascinated by the Hebrew.  Maybe he will actually like Hebrew school which starts for him in September.
 Ariel found my grandmother!
 Cool Spiderman.

Finally time for Hamantaschen!
My artsy shot.  I ate the cherry of course.  It's 11:30 and we are only up to best score.  

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