Sunday, February 3, 2013

Only 3 Molars to Go

Who else is getting up at 6:00 am Monday to sign their kids up for Kid Fit at the NAC?

It's late Sunday night and we are watching Joe Flacco accept the Lombardi trophy.  It was quite a game.  How did San Fran not win?  It was a pretty quiet weekend.  Both kids and Amy were getting over being sick and Ariel had a molar coming through.  

Friday morning, Amy was having a tough time with the kids.  She was sick and had a hard time keeping up with them.  Ariel discovered the Kiddush cups.

 I came home after lunch to help out.  
 Poor thing.  Never fun to get your molars.
Bath time.  All the toys were out of the tub because the house was cleaned.  Ariel had to put them back.

 Saturday morning, Amy went to the doctor.  She just had a cold.  I fed the kids donuts.
 Ariel is still in Aden's seat.

I took Aden to the doctor because several kids in his class have strep.  He just has a cold too. 
 I tried to keep them busy so Amy could sleep.
 Wrong end Ariel!
 We even did some drawing.

 Then some cleaning.

Someone is a trouble maker!

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