Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baby in the Balls

It's Thursday night and I'm putting up way too many pictures.  Sorry I didn't get to the Harlem Shake, that will come soon.  This week went fast.  I'm glad it's almost over, it's been way too cold!  We are going to Purim services Friday night with Lindsay and Ali and the kids in costume.  That should be cute.  

These are random pics from the week.  Amy took these at gym class.

 Ariel is fascinated by cleaning.
 Hey, get off the island!

 Music class!  I think Ariel might have been a bit over dressed.
 She runs around the whole time talking to everyone.

 Back on Lindsay's lap.
 Hey Jaxson.

 She gets her musical side from me!

 She's enthusiastic.
 Go Ariel!
 She will go up to anyone.
 Hello, who is calling?
 Too many choices.
 Thanks for cleaning Ariel!
 It's hard to believe they are the same age.
 Goodbye Ms. Marilyn!
 Loving that lollipop.

Running away at the NAC.
She watched tv while Aden snacked.
 Back in the pool.  Last week it wasn't happening but today he was much better.
 Still doesn't like being on his back.

 We just got an invite to the adult only grand opening party for the NAC pool in May!

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