Friday, January 31, 2020

Young Wild and Free

These will finish off last week.  
 They are much calmer when we give them tasks to do or new games to play.  

 Noah has been doing coding on Osmo!
 Eli has been walking around with the Millennium Falcon.  
 Ariel's snow globe.  
Ariel playing with Aden's droid.  
 This video was actually pretty funny.
 Eli is fascinated by the humidifier.  

 Back to Osmo.  
 I had to take my car in for service. 
 I was stuck there and there was no food!  I needed 2 new tires and a wheel.  Expensive day!


 Ariel and Amy went to school for a mother daughter night.  
They decorated beach bags.
These are all her projects over the years.  Have a great weekend!

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