Monday, September 28, 2020

I Lost My Pizza

It's Monday night and Yom Kippur is over.  I fasted and for some reason, it was not very hard.  Especially since I was smoking brisket all day!  Yay!  I had been wanting to do that for a while.  It came out well!  We had everyone over to break the fast.  That was nice.  I mostly stayed outside and played with Honey.  This week coming up the, the big kids are back in school.  Should be interesting.  

Back to last Sunday in Margate.  Amy kept the kids busy and I cleaned out the garage.  
Still chilly but a bit nicer.  
We went to Ocean City!  We usually go all the time but not this year.  We went once in May.  

It was pretty crowded.  

I picked up a pizza at my place.  

A few moments after this picture was taken, a gust a wind blew it out of my hands and onto the boardwalk.  I could have cried.  
This is now 8 days later and I'm still eating the big tub of Johnson's I got.  
We went to Wonderland Pier to play.  The twins had been talking about this place since last year.  They kept telling us about all the rides and what they like.  Turns out they didn't want to do almost anything.  Eli is the biggest chicken of them all.  
This was pretty much it for the twins.  
Even Amy went on rides.  
The five of us took the train around the place.  Yes, Aden is tool cool to hang with us. 

Then we played some mini golf.  

When it's not crowded, we can get through this in 5 minutes.  

Eli likes to cheat.  
We went back and I took Ariel for a ride on the Vespa.  

The car was all packed for the ride home.  
I'm always amazed how much this car holds.  
I did a good job cleaning the garage.  
We almost had to leave one of the kids to get all the stuff in.  
See ya soon.  


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