Monday, September 7, 2020

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!  (how did that happen?) These are from last Saturday.  There is a movement to rebuild the boardwalk in Margate that was blown away in a storm over 100 years ago.  Here is a picture of the original!
It was a rainy day.  On and off all day.  The boys watched the rain.  
We had nowhere to go.  
The twins were nuts all day!

Ariel being dragged around in wagon by Sydney's group.  

Did I mention crazy?  

They set up obstacle courses.  

Between the raindrops, I took the boys to my parents.  

Ariel was back from her ride around Margate.  
We made it back home before some crazy storms came in.  
Noah is taking over Lego master from Aden.  
We decided to head home even though it was only Saturday.  We had been there for over a week and were starting to go a little crazy.  We stopped at the Shore Diner on the way out.  
They put the boys to work.  We didn't get home till almost 10!


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