Thursday, September 3, 2020

Uno Champ Noah

It's Thursday afternoon and we are awaiting big thunderstorms.  I wonder if that will stop cheer practice.  Although it takes a lot for them to cancel.  I just folded up the neighbor's water slide we have been using the last few days.  Wow that was hard!

These are from last Thursday and Friday.  Thursday was a lazy day.  We went to my parent's to play.  
Then some pool time.  
Noah is the Uno champion.  
Late night playground again.  
Another funny shirt.  
Last Friday, we got teacher assignments.  We Facetimed with Ariel, who had slept at my parent's, to tell her.  I guess she was happy with her teacher.  
This came in the mail from NYC.  Some yummy treats I ordered.  
Good morning Eli!
Sydney from across the street was back with some friends.  They came over early to do Legos with Ariel.  
I took the boys to the water park.  They were finally allowed to use this float, which they loved.  They had been reserving it for the lifeguards to stand on.  

They were a little more daring.  

It was pretty crowded.  
Eli likes to dip his feet in the water.  

Now how do people live on houseboats?  I get sick thinking about it!

Ariel went to the beach with Sydney.  

Then to the pool.  

Noah went off the slide himself for the first time.  
He didn't even mind going under.  
Such a big boy.  Maybe next summer for Eli.  

Uh oh, big storms coming.  
I think this was the remnants of Hurricane Laura.  Have a great weekend!


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