Monday, September 7, 2020

There's A Dog In The Pool!

It's Monday night.  Labor Day is just about over and that means school starts tomorrow.  Usually the parents are thrilled and the kids are nervous.  Now it's the other way around!  The public school kids are learning from home and the parents are the ones that are going to have to make sure all the technology is working.  I think this will run better than the spring because they had months to prepare.  This will be hardest on the teachers.  I just hope it goes smoothly!

Back to last Sunday.  The boys were excited to show us their train track creation.  
Then we went to Amy's parent's house to swim with Melissa and friends.  

I think there's a dog in the pool!
The hot tub was the warm spot.  

Too cute.  

Our patriotic duo.  
The kids had fun playing all day.  

Back at home, Eli was back at making his giant water bucket.  

He showed me how to dump it on him.

So I did!

That boy and his water.  
Later we went to the neighbor's house and saw their pet praying mantis.  

We set out to find spotted lantern flies to feed it.  
Dinner time!


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