Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The First Day of School! (sort of)

A quick post for your Thursday.  I'm not even going to bother telling you about our night, Hebrew School, birthday party, cheer, football, back to school night and Noah lost a tooth!  Phew!  These are from last Tuesday.  The first day of school!  

Who is excited for school!
They actually posed for a picture!
I ran to drop off the twins for kindergarten at Breezy Point with Mrs. Allison.  Eva had her last year.  She seems sweet.  
The boys ran right in.  They were excited.  I'm the one that was sad.  I love to go in and watch the kids interact, but not this year.  I could only get a pic through the window.  
Aden did his classes in his room so we didn't see him.  Ariel though cannot sit still and was everywhere.  
Classes are virtual for 3 weeks then they are in school 2 days a week after that.  Maybe.  
Virtual classes are very hard for Ariel.  
Ariel is number 26!
This was recess!  
Picking the boys up.  They had a great day! 
After school, Honey came for a visit.  

She's getting big!
Later that night, we had an HOA meeting.  The neighbors are trying to fight the new Wawa at the end of our street.  I love the idea!
Here's the attorney telling us we have no shot to fight it.  
Noah wins every game of Uno.  


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