Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Start of Labor Day Weekend

It's Friday already! We survived the first week post summer.  The first week of school.  The first weekend not driving to the shore in ages coming up.  What should we do with ourselves?  Oh, besides flag football, cheer and Hebrew school.  Back to last Thursday and Friday.

The boys woke up and headed right for the slide.  

Noah played some Osmo.  He's really good at the games that teach computer coding.  

That day, Eva and Gwen came to slide.  
Honey was there too.  Good thing Eli was at school.  
Cheer time!

Why does Ariel seem so small?

Friday we drove to the shore early for Labor Day Weekend.
Right over to the pool.  

Noah is so confident in the pool now.  

That night Lori and Bill and the kids came to stay with us.  
They last stayed with us 3 summers ago.  They loved Margate so much they rented the last 2 summers.  This year they stayed home and used their new pool.  Have a great weekend!


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