Sunday, September 27, 2020

Tequila Gedola

It's Sunday night.  Kol Nidre.  The beginning of the fast.  We had a lovely day today with friends.  We squeezed in one possibly last pool day for the season.  Here's a huge post from last Saturday.

It was freezing!
Ariel's cheer game was super early.  She had to be there by 9:15.  The girls lined up for the boys to be announced.  
Let's go Indians.  

Back to stunting.  

Brrrr.  I guess the masks will come in handy in the cold weather.  

It got a bit warmer when I got Aden and brought him to football.  
They make us sit so far away.  
Milo and Louie played around me while I watched.  

Here are some action shots.  
Nice catch Aden!

Big win for the Lions!
We headed back to get the family and load the car, then we headed to the shore.  There was a touch of traffic.  We were happy to get there but no Steven.  
We went over to my parent's house.  
Look at that carousel!
We had Rosh Hashanah dinner at my parents with Amy's parents.  

Yummy food.  
I wanted to go in the pool so bad but it was totally freezing!
We played.  
And hung out.  

Here are my thoughts about Rosh Hashanah! (inside joke)


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