Thursday, September 24, 2020

Tennis in the Dark

It's Thursday night.  And what a night it was.  Ariel's cheer team sold mum's to raise money.  I helped unload and organize several thousand pots of mums!  The allergy medicine seems to have worked.  I'm still functioning.  My driveway is full of mums so if you ordered any, please come get them!

I thought this was funny with Rosh Hashanah approaching.  
Last Thursday, Aden had tennis.  This is so sad.  The place is usually full.  

Ariel had cheer.  Amy and I dropped her off then drove all the way to Grandma's Grotto to get Aden's favorite food.  

I picked her up later in the dark.  

She's only 8.  I have a few more years till I'm not allowed in her room.  
That will make me sad.  
Friday morning, Ariel was in class.  Notice the teacher's baby is on her lap!
Later that day, Ali came with Sam and Nate.  
We played outside.  

And inside.  
Then the neighbors came over.  

We roasted a chicken for dinner.  
Rosh Hashanah was that coming weekend but it didn't feel like it as we were not going to synagogue.  
Ariel and Alex made necklaces then sold them to a neighbor.  We made them give the money back.  

It's always fun to look in the running washing machine!  Have a great weekend!


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