Tuesday, September 1, 2020

I See Dolphins

It's Tuesday night and Ariel is off the boot!  It's really late so I'm going to keep the small talk to a minimum.  I thought this was funny.  
Last Monday we went to the beach.  It was one of those times that it seemed really hard to get there and as soon as we got there, the kids were annoying and wanted to leave.  
Our girlie with the trash bag on her boot.  
Growing up!

We tried to relax but it was hard.  
The summer is coming to an end.  

Amy liked talking to the lifeguards.  They saw and swimmer out deep and dolphins!
Someone was on a boat and posted some pics of the dolphins on Facebook.  
That's so cool!
Pool time.  

Even Amy went in!

That night I cooked fajitas for dinner.  The new backsplash did it's job well!

I took Eli for a late night trip to the playground.  

Tuesday morning, I went for a run and saw some butterflies.  
My dad is making a merry go round.  
Noah practiced his swimming.  

Ariel's cheer friend Dori and her family came to swim.  

That night we went to a pizza place off shore.  
Then Dori and family came over to get ice cream.  


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