Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Labor Day Fun

It's Tuesday night and it was cold this morning and totally freezing now!  I was outside with the kids tonight and wearing a sweatshirt and couldn't stop shivering.  It's still technically summer.  What's going on?  These pics are from Labor Day.  The kids all slept in late.  Lori and Bill packed while they were sleeping and they left when the kids got up.  
I took a ride on the scooter to the end of the island.  
Now that the summer is over, I have to figure out what to do about the scooter.  I want to bring it home at some point to get an engine overhaul and to get it painted.  
Moose and Peanut were hanging out one last time for the season.  
There's my girl.  
Eli watched those trash trucks carefully.  
Noah did some coding.  
I'm serious.  The kid does computer coding.  
I drove to the library to return books that Ariel had borrowed.  I ran into our friend Adam with his family on their pedal powered machine.  
One last time at the pool.  Ariel's friend Eva came along.  
Another beautiful day.  
Our bathing beauty.  

I got a few minutes on the porch to myself.  

Eli found a four leaf clover!
Bye parent's house.  
Bye scooter.  We packed up and headed home for a neighborhood pre-school party.  
Many of the neighborhood kids.  So excited for virtual school.  

We hung out till really late.  
Aden and Jake trying to open a beer?!?

Ok guys, after the smores we need to head home.  
Poor Eli tripped and got a bunch of cuts.  
I thought this was nice.  


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