Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Aden, the Trophy and I

So last Monday it was insanely windy.  The house was shaking the whole night before and it was just as bad during the day.  I passed by a house near us that had a huge tree through it.  That really sucks for them.  Hopefully no one was hurt.

 Amy took the boys to the library to play.  
Later that day, we had the twins 4 year old well check up.  They were actually both really good.  They like playing doctor and were curious about everything.  This was the first time they didn't fight giving their height and weight.  For the first time since they were born, Noah is a little bigger than Eli.  They are both under 10% for height and weight.
 They were even good during their shots.  The last shots they have until they are 11!  Although Noah ran out of the room carrying his shoes saying he wanted to put them on away from that room!
 So the previous Saturday, the Flyers played the Penguins outside at the Eagles Stadium.  We didn't go to the game Aden and I did go to the Flyers season ticket holder event.  We got there and had to wait in a freezing cold line.  The winds were still crazy.  

 We were supposed to be able to skate on the ice but they had to cancel because of the wind.  Bummer.  

We met Gritty!
Then we went down to the Eagle's locker room.  This is the tunnel the Eagles run down to get to the field.  
 That's the door to the field.

 Finally in the locker room.
 It was actually not that impressive.  It's time for a remodel.  
 We waited in line to see the Lombardi trophy.

 Aden sat in Nick Foles chair.
 Zach Ertz for me.
 Some people have to share lockers!
 We saw the trophy in Minnesota.  This was the first time we got to see it in Philly.  Go Eagles!

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