Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Measuring and Messes

So I have been playing the guitar for about nine months now.  I'm slowly getting it but it's really hard to find time to play.  Usually it's after 11 in the basement.  I play for a few minutes then fall asleep.  So because I am playing so late, I stick to the acoustic guitar so I don't wake everyone up and I'm playing pretty mellow songs.  I'm ready to rock so the last 2 weeks, I've been working on Metallica's Enter Sandman.  It fun to play something loud!  A quick post for your Wednesday.

Last Sunday afternoon, we went to a hamantaschen baking party in Yardley.  
 They really gave us eggs, flour, sugar, baking powder and orange juice.  It was fun to do with the kids.
 Lots of measuring and messes.
 The cookies came out great!  
 We went to dinner nearby and Melissa and Mark were at the next table.  Notice how Ariel joined them.
 Kisses from Gwen.
We got home and finished baking the cookies.  Yum.
 Cool dudes.
 Monday afternoon we walked to the school.  
 We didn't last long as Eli needed the potty.
 Cool robot Eli!
 Tuesday morning at drop off, I saw Ava writing letters and doing a great job!
 We need to work with the boys.

 Helping mommy with her homework.  She's taking classes to keep up her teaching credits.
 A game of war before bed!

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