Monday, March 4, 2019

No Girl Aloud

It's Monday night.  Poor Amy was home with all 4 kids today.  School was cancelled but the roads were fine.  That's another day added to the end of the school year and one less day we can go to the shore before camp starts.  We are helping Aden with a Hebrew School project on Albert Einstein.  He keeps telling us he can't find anything to write about.  Yes, there is nothing to say about Albert Einstein.  Back to last Sunday.

We went to a magic show at the synagogue.  For some reason it was Dr. Suess themed.  
 The boys didn't know what to make of the magic.

 A bunny!

 Nate liked the bunny.
The twins, Ariel and her friend Mara found a live microphone!

Back at home, I put Eli back in his case.  
 Just kidding.  Eli was actually very helpful and set the table for dinner!

 He actually did a pretty good job.
 Big jumps.  We are lucky our living room is so soft.
 My parents came to hang.  While we were downstairs, Ariel was upstairs writing notes.  
Our door.
 No Aden aloud in my room but Ariel Noah & Eli are aloud in my room.  
Ariel's room.
 No boys aloud in my room.
 Aden's room.
 Eli, Noah & Ariel in Aden room.  No Amy & Jerry in Adens room.
 The twin's room.
 No girl aloud in my room except Ariel and no Aden in my room

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